Thursday, November 15, 2012

(SALE PENDING) Meet Halliana!  Halliana began as a mid 1970's Gregor in need of a remake.  She has been restrung, repainted and rewigged and is now a one of a kind Sasha girl!

I wanted to experiment more with Sasha's technique of using a pink was behind the eye features; something she did very frequently on her studio dolls; while at the same time, creating a rounder iris and higher center of the eye lid.  I really do like the way Halliana came out with her wide, innocent features.  I hope you love her too!

 She will come fully dressed in this beautiful handmade outfit by Dreaming Under The Lilacs.  My 10 year old wanted to be involved, and she knitted her this little shawl and sewed on this button that she found. (I'm glad my daughter can knit - because I cannot! :)  Since she's only ten, it's not perfect, but looks as if Halliana may have made it herself, to adapt her short sleeved dress to cooler, Autumn weather!

 On her feet are velvet shoes.  Her wig has been cut and styled just for her and is a high quality acrylic.  It is cut in a way and has been adhered to her head so that it can be pulled back, braided, put in ponytails, etc. and it still looks lovely.

 Little prop friends not included.....but she loves little dolls and toys!

She will be sealed and comes with a certificate identifying her.  I'm not sure how many more dolls I will have time to do before Christmas, so this might be a good opportunity Christmas shop!  :)   Hallianna is $370; if you are interested, please email me at  Express overseas shipping is available as well.


  1. Lovely to see some of my 'Kelly kids' starring here. Olivia and Brishen are such sweethearts - they lend themselves to all styles of clothing and could be from any generation or country.
    It's also nice to see again some of the dolls that went to other homes.
    Thanks Kelly!